Standing out in one of Melbourne’s growth corridors

Born out of a historical reference to the area – Lumeah reflects the evolving and growing suburb in one of Melbourne’s sought after corridors, Cranbourne West. Peet brought to the market, a product to match and turned to Trilogy to give it an identity to go to market and create advertising assets to highlight the benefits and offers.

A lifestyle to thrive in and creative to match

Trilogy created a brand identity that stands out among competitors and encapsulates the sophisticated offering from the product and its location. We created brochures that had specialised finishes for stand-out and applied an aesthetic colour palette to the array of available floorplans – colour coded against the masterplan to make it easy for the consumer whilst maintaining the brand style and championing choice.

Bolstered by Digital assets for Project Profiles and Advertising, together with a social media campaign managed by Trilogy.

Keeping pace with a moving market

With a difficult market and changing conditions, Trilogy worked in realtime to get assets created, updated and despatched.

Lumeah remains a great choice for living in Melbourne’s Cranbourne West and is expected to sell out.