Capitalising on Perth’s natural beauty

Peet’s Avon Ridge Estate in Perth’s hills enjoys sweeping vistas of greenery and unparalleled views of the city. This unique estate is perfect for those who want to enjoy a more rural lifestyle without sacrificing proximity to the city and amenity. Every Spring, when the hills are their most green and the wildflowers bloom, the estate sees a boom in interest. So in the lead up to Spring, Trilogy is tasked to create a campaign to capitalise on this increased interest.

Planting the seeds

In the months leading up to campaign launch, the Trilogy team visited Avon RIdge to find new inspiration for the year’s campaign. In previous years it had been hiking trails, wildflowers, and the feeling of tranquility of the hills. For 2018, we focused on the residents having their own private, nature-filled hideaway from modern life.

Watching it grow

Through captivating drone imagery, strong typography and clear messaging we created the Seek Your Hideaway campaign. An emotive call to action for those who visited the estate to make it their home. This campaign was employed on digital channels including REA display advertising and social media advertising in addition to signage around the estate.