170 Years

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy more than 170 years ago, MercyCare now reaches even further into the community with services in Aged Care and Child Care, Mental Health and Youth Homelessness, Fostering and Group Family homes, Intensive Family Support, Settlement and Workforce Services, and for Asylum Seekers waiting in the community while they apply to stay.

Reaching people

Trilogy was approached to help with a digital strategy to increase awareness and engage with a diverse range of people. As 100% not-for-profit organisation, the strategy had to be streamlined, optimal and efficient.

Through our in-house digital team, we consolidated the brand positioning of Every Person Matters across social media, whilst targeting audience segments to offer the relevant services for the spectrum of needs.

Cohesion and service leads to success

Due to ongoing success and the discovery of our breadth of offering, we were also engaged to promote the opening of a new Early Learning Childcare Centre in Ellenbrook.

With in-house video production capability, we not only distributed content, but also generated it. We filmed the brand new centre with children playing and enjoying the space, whilst engaging with the brilliant staff who represent MercyCare and all that the organisation embodies.

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Social Media, Lead Ads and Marketing Automation

To further our reach and maintain engagement with new parents already interested in the excellent offering – we devised and built a customer journey utilising EDMs with relevant messaging at the right time; as well as creating online display ads and animated shopping centre panels to highlight the new centre to a targeted local audience.


With excellent staff in place and an excellent backdrop to nurturing, stimulating and caring for children, Trilogy reached the right people with the right message to encourage enrolments and fill the rooms.