Startup your craft
and go head first into a competitive market

Trilogy was approached to help launch a new craft brewery and its range of beer. This meant assessing the very competitive market category to identify brand name, identity and positioning opportunities, and working very closely with the owner (and chief brewer) to develop a strong brand DNA.
Yes, we took our research seriously, which did involve sampling quite a few beers.

De-clutter, package, engage and drink

Based on the epic flavours that get made, and the associated combination of ingredients, the name “Heroes and Villains” was decided upon.

It was immediately apparent that numerous craft beers on the shelf were cluttered with ornate illustration and cartoon characters. Our brand identity went back to bold graphic basics with an authoritative stamp to represent a brewer who knew what he was doing and who had fun doing it.

From there, we were into packaging design and production, expanding the visual identity to suit cans and kegs. Merchandise, tasting notes, a B2B sales brochure, point-of-sale print materials and vehicle livery, all created by Trilogy, contributed to the brand’s tangible and tactile presence.

In-house production with strategic insight

Utilising animations and rendered videos, we set about populating online channels and creating a social community for the newest WA craft beer on the block. Ongoing communications use irreverent humour and simple executions which are proving to connect positively with both consumers and retailers. The original range of “Heroes’ beers enjoyed fast success and prompted early expansion of the product portfolio to accommodate the wickedly tempting and deliciously decadent “Villains” range.

Positive results

An ever growing presence, beer in kegs, bottles and cans on the shelves
for the discerning craft beer connoisseur…
Check out the flavours at Oakover Grounds, Swan Valley.