Projecting new while protecting heritage

Forrest Chase has been a signature landmark, and Perth City conduit, for over 30 years. The owners, ISPT, proceeded with a 4-stage $110 million redevelopment of the centre in 2018 which is due for completion around mid 2019.

While very respectful of brand heritage, all stakeholders also recognised the need for brand repositioning and a refreshed brand image.

Trilogy liaised closely with representatives of the marketing, development and leasing teams to determine the brand strategy and marketing communications’ plan. These needed to be cognisant of the evolving construction development and changing tenancies as well as active competitors also undergoing change.

Stepped strategy

The brand evolution commenced with “Chasing Summer”, a campaign designed to sustain as much Christmas trade as possible, capiltalise on consumer lifestyle needs, be sensitive to the needs of anchor tenant Myer, and launch five prestigious new retail tenants – all while the majority of the centre was a construction site!

The creative strategy included expansion of the brand’s colour and font representation, and use of illustrations and contemporary language to shift the brand image.

The communications’ strategy addressed a vast array of touchpoints to reach target market segments – from tourist to city resident, to city worker, to entertainment seeker, to casual or frequent shoppers – all whose needs of the city varied significantly, and each with disparate opinions on shopping choices.

The next step in the evolution can be found on this site under the next project: Forrest Chase: Expect More.

Chasing Summer through multiple channels

The campaign was most evident on-the-ground, primarily through 25km of on-site hoarding and signage, some of it 3 dimensional and tactile,  which was constantly being interchanged as the construction work progressed. Imagine the logistics and deadlines associated with that!

Of course, it’s not enough to just reach the people already in the city. The campaign was implemented through a variety of activities and channels to maximise reach and impact:

  • Television Advertising and Publicity
  • Online Video Content
  • Radio Advertising, Promotions, Publicity and Activations
  • Five store Opening VIP and Customer Launch Event
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Competition
  • Retailer Information Kits
  • Social Media Content Program, Community Management, and Advertising
  • Retailer Alliances
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Website Landing Page and Competition Portal
  • Data Base Management
  • E-Direct Mail
  • Branded merchandise