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Calling all people with a purpose 🦸 Our friends at @oqea.me need YOU!

Do you want to collaborate with @oqea.me to help design a new app feature that connects people struggling with their mental health, to a support system tailored to their needs? 🧐

@oqea.me will be running design sessions with Curtin Uni and Youth Focus, where you can come along, earn some cash (as well as free food!) and most importantly, be a part of building a service that will help people feel connected and supported through their mental health journey ❤️‍🩹

To find out more, head to www.tiny.cc/codesign_mentalhealth or contact Dr Kevin Wernli at kevin.wernli@curtin.edu.au.

#oqea #mentalhealth #support

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#BTS on a tasty shoot for @moontidedistillery today🍹
Watch this space for their brand new gin launching on June 11.
Shot by @shotbythom
Shot at @_hoodstudio_

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The generosity of some of our clients is overwhelming! Working with you is reward enough, Shelley Blair, but thank you for the amazing “pot of gold” gift – 200 scratchie tickets and what seems like 200,000 chocolates in a gorgeous and huge metal bowl 🍫✨

Needless to say, you have an especially happy Trilogy team today. It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to have you as our client and friend 🖤

Shelley is an incredibly talented artist, and her “Antarctic Artistry” paintings and prints can be viewed and purchased at www.antarcticartistry.com.au 📲

Or follow her on IG 👉 @antarcticartistry

Ps. next time you’re visiting Trilogy, don't forget to check out Shelley’s “Waddle they think of next” first edition, which is proudly hanging in our entry 🤩🐧

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Today is a day of commemoration and remembrance of those who fought for us.
They sacrificed their world, for the world that we are now so lucky to live in.
On ANZAC Day, we pay our respects, as we remember them.
Lest we forget.

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Welcome to our latest Trilogy team member - Rhianne Bonfield!

Rhianne joined us in March as a Senior Account Manager, and has already woven herself into the culture of Trilogy, adding her passion, curiosity, coffee addiction and love of camping into the mix! 🏕 ☕️

She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the Perth property and marketing industries, working most recently at Satterley Property Group across a number of different estates 🏘

We are so excited to have Rhianne working with us and are thrilled to welcome her to the Trilogy family 🥳

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Change needs to be nurtured. We need to work together and have mutual respect for our skills and determination. I am proud to be a partner in a female owned and lead marketing agency for the last 19 years. The women in our team are equal to the men in our team. Here’s to all women being successful in their personal and professional endeavours. #BreaktheBias every day.

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I feel very fortunate to be part of a team that supports my career and personal growth without any limits, without any bias to my gender. IWD is a great reminder that we all must think, speak and take action with respect; to speak up if you are ever pushed down for being who you are. My deepest thanks to those who were the first to speak up, paving the way towards equality. Collectively, we can #breakthebias

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There are countless women who inspire and amaze me.
Those who find courage and tenacity in the face of incredible challenges, like Turia Pitt did and does.
Those who are compassionate and generous even though confronted by unimaginable cruelty, like Gill Dalley (and John) founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, who died as a result of saving yet another dog when a tsunami decimated Phuket.
Those forced to deal with the most heartbreaking of losses, yet find the strength to dedicate themselves to helping prevent others from experiencing the same pain, like Claire Eardley.
Those who give and give when so much is taken from them, like Rosie Battye.
Those who unreservedly provide a home and love to disadvantaged children who might otherwise not experience it, like Nicole Carrigg (and family).
And the ones who are being true to their amazing selves, and are always there for me with a hug, a laugh, encouragement, loyalty, and support – my daughter Veronica, my Mum Dorothy, my business partner Nita, and my other wonderful family members, colleagues and friends who make every day special.

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This International Women’s Day I’m proud to work in an independent, female owned agency. We #breakthebias every day. We champion intelligent, creative women, we believe in flexibility and empathy, and we support each other. I’ve experienced bias throughout my life and career, it makes me cringe now, and I wish I had stood up to it then. I do now. For myself, the women around me, and the women in my past who forged the way for equality.

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I feel very lucky that I am surrounded by so many inspirational women in all areas of my life, from home to work. I am surrounded by strong full-time mothers, hardworking career women and women that juggle both, all of whom inspire me. This just shows that women can do whatever they choose, because they are strong and resilient and when we put our minds to it, we can achieve anything. #breakthebias

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Join us today in celebrating International Women's Day! Today we will be sharing what IWD means to our Trilogy Family, as well as a bit about the women who inspire us 💜

I’ve become a woman who would have inspired a younger version of myself. My one memorable experience with bias was when I was told by a man that I would never get anywhere with the degree that I was studying. I stand here at 23, with a job in the field that my degree got me to, in a supportive and inspiring agency. I am grateful for the women who made this possible and I am proud of what we have achieved and will continue to achieve together. #breakthebias

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This year we wanted to give back to those less fortunate in the form of a Trilogy Food Drive. The facts are stark; 1 in 6 adults in Australia haven’t had enough to eat in the last year.

We’ve rallied together to do what we can and donate food for hungry tummies in WA. Head to the @foodbankwa page if you would also like to learn more and contribute to the great work that they're doing.

Merry Christmas and stay safe and compassionate this festive season!🎄

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